Taifan is one manufacturer that produced Taifan circular knitting machine and knitted fabric with top quality and good price.
As a writer of Manufacturing Standards of circular knitting machine of China,Taifan plays a big role in the textile industry and to be a leader of China manufacturer of circular knitting machines.A family-owned and owner-managed in the second generation,Taifan was built in Taoyuan,Taiwan in 1989,and moved to China mainland in 1999.From fabrics for sportswear,for inner wear in body widths,for fashionable outerwear,for mattress covers,TAIFAN has the right machine to manufacture them.Demand for knitted fabric has also been growing sharply in sporting goods these years,like training wear, leotards, swimming wear,etc.

Based upon the knitting technology we have cultivated over 40 years, we will continue to supply the world with high-quality circular knitting machinery and knitted fabric. It is our hope that in doing so we can contribute to the continued development of the textile industry while giving top priority to customer satisfaction.

Quality:People always think that “Made in China”is not good and cheap,but our Taifan will change your thought.About precision,expertise,passin and a vision for the future.The material all we use has one year seasoning(exposed to the natural wind and rain).

Longevity:Normally our Taifan machines works around 15-20 years.It is not uncommon to see 10-15 years old machines from Taifan.And even Taifan old machines earn a very good price in the second-hand market.They are in perfect condition,still in constant use.

Price:Price depends on quality.Trust Taifan,every penny you pay is deserved.